“Durable concrete having more than 200 years of life time”Re-vibration high-density concrete
This is a new construction method allowing reduction of construction time and processes, reduction of total cost, and also improvement of durability and life, and increase of asset value by all-in-one construction with re-vibration of high-density concrete.
Vacuum concrete
With this method, excessive water inside concrete and involved air (air contained in ready-mixed concrete) is removed. As a result, construction time is shortened and durability is improved.
Self-leveling for shop and interior floor treatment
Our experts conduct a high-quality process from substrate treatment to concrete filling rapidly and safely, allowing labour saving and short construction time!
Repair, upgrade, and other floor amendment
Ask us not only new concrete placement works, but also repair, upgrade and amendment of existing floors. If you are in trouble with cracked, corroded, or wet floors, consult us. We can provide various options including construction time and cost.

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