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  1. We have precisely considered and checked the information in this site. However, we do not guarantee correctness, validity, reliability, safety, purposiveness for specified purpose or any other certification concerning the information content. Even if any damage arises due to the content you use, we don't take any responsibility for the damage.
  2. We may change or stop this site structure, usage conditions, URL, and contents without notice, or hold or stop operation of this site. Regardless of whatever the reason is, we don't take any responsibility for damage arising from changing of, or holding or stopping of operation of this site.
  3. The contents of the sites liked with this site, which belong to the third parties (hereinafter, "linked sites") are managed under each company's responsibility, and they are not under our control. They do not mean that those companies and we have a special relation such as a business partnership. We don't take any responsibility for any damage arising from the content of the linked site, or application of them.
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