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Self-leveling for shop and interior floor treatment

Our self-leveling constructions allow large volume of placing, power-saving of operations, short construction period, homogeneity of material quality, and stable human- and eco-friendly quality.

Self-leveling construction

We accept any order from new constructions to repair constructions, regardless of construction size. Our experts conduct a high-quality process from substrate treatment to concrete filling rapidly and safely, providing labour saving and short construction time!

We can provide an estimate and site inspection, and conduct urgent construction quickly whenever you contact us. Our service area covers Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, and the other Kanto area, and also the Tohoku area.

Feature of our self-leveling construction

Feature of our self-leveling construction
  1. From a total work with material and construction to a partial single work, we can operate with a flexible construction system according to the site. Please consult with us once.
  2. For the renovation work, we have workable machines for varieties of floor base, and create the good, durable floor by using the SL material based on the base or use and providing appropriate preparation of the base! Available for any types of floor bases; P-tiles, coating base, etc.
  3. For the newly-built work, as we can provide consistently from the concrete finish work of structure frame slab (as the SL base) to the self-leveling work by our company and create the floor base with care of quality of the self-leveling method and costs, we enable to achieve power saving and the work period shortening extensively as advantages of the self-leveling method.

Substrate treatment of repair site: We can operate any types of repair site.

To create an SL floor with high durability and quality, a substrate treatment process is mandatory. This is the important operation that affects durability of the floor. We carefully treat the substrate even if it is invisible under the floor after completion of the construction, and take proper measures for laitance, oil, and protrusions which may deteriorate the SL floor to maintain quality, in order to complete the floor with excellent durability!

Optimal substrate treatment

We conduct optimal substrate treatment according to the substrate condition.

Speedy and proper construction

Along with recent diversification of floor finishing materials, we prepare a wide variety of substrate treatment machines for various substrate conditions. We can respond any requirements speedy and properly!

Material selection based on application

Along with recent diversification of floor finishing materials, we prepare a wide variety of substrate treatment machines for various substrate conditions. We can respond any requirements speedy and properly!

How to reduce costs while improving quality

Our constructions have no unnecessary process, eliminate extra time and operations, and allow more smooth operations at the site. ※Also, we can provide one-shot constructions, such as SL only, or concrete finishing only.

Point of substrate treatment

The important point of SL constructions is a substrate treatment process. Without proper substrate treatment base on the substrate condition, the floor may have a problem such as floating or peeling. Therefore, we have to observe the substrate condition, and use an appropriate machine to the substrate to create an SL floor with high quality.

Construction process

(1) Prior check

We check condition of the substrate.

(2) Substrate treatment

Treatment of laitance, oil, and protrusions

(3) Sealing and curing

To prevent leakage of the material, we fill spaces with mortar, etc. We cure the floor, as avoiding direct sunlight and wind.

(4) Pouring

We pour the material evenly, as adjusting the level with a trowel.

(5) Cleanup


We amend as needed.
When we can walk on the floor after completing the placing process, we inspect with our standard, and check sharing parts and placing joints to confirm that a proper level is ensured, no gap exists, and all parts look proper. If we find a gap or bubble in the placing joints, we make amends.

Our SL material manufacturer

Ube Industries, Ltd. Quick Ceramic Flow (cement, raw), SL Flow G (cement, raw) Floor leveler for general use, Floor leveler G(cement, pack) for thin coating(cement, pack), Finish Flow (cement, pack)
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Blast Furnace Slag Cement Co.,Ltd. S LEVEL (cement, raw), S LEVEL (pack)(cement, pack)
Tokuyama M Tech Corp. Flow Leveler for floors (cement, raw/pack)
Nihon Kasei CO., LTD NS New High Leveler(cement, pack)
Yoshino Gypsum Co.,Ltd SL Plaster(gypsum, pack), SL Plaster S-Type for thin floor coating(gypsum, pack), Tiger Super Flow(gypsum, pack), Tiger SL (gypsum, raw)

Self-leveling (SL) construction method

With this construction method, we flow self-leveling material and just even out as adjusting the level. Then, due to self-liquidating characteristic, the material forms a flat and smooth floor. This innovative method ensures stable quality, and needs no operation of metal trowel patting. Therefore, you can skip some operations and reduce work load, and also shorten a construction period. Floors created with the method have little unevenness and stable quality. Innovative floor substrate adjustment material!

Advantage and feature of self-leveling (SL) construction method

  • Large volume of placing
  • Operation power saving (short time, small work load)
  • Short construction period (skip or reduction of operation processes, effect of large volume of placing)
  • Stable quality (improved flatness, smoothness, and level accuracy)
  • Homogeneity of material quality
  • Human- and eco-friendly product. The emission rates of all VOCs (volatile organic compound) defined in Housing Quality Assurance Act are lower than the determined quantities!

Quality standard

※Standard specification of construction work (Article 4 of Chapter 15) originated by Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry: Self-leveling material quality

Flow of construction