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All-in-one construction without finishing materials, "Design Floor"!!

Design Floor

Good news for shop interior construction agents!A new self leveling floor finishing material has come. This material allows the all-in-one construction without need of finishing material for substrate adjustment.
The method is called "Maxit Design Floor."

Conventional construction method

With the conventional construction method, we make a building frame, adjust a substrate (self-leveling), and finally prepare a floor finishing material to complete the whole process. However, with the Maxit Design Floor, we can finish substrate adjustment and floor finishing at one time.

Flow of Design Floor construction method

Accordingly, construction time is drastically shortened, durability and abrasion resistance are improved, and construction cost and crack frequency are reduced. This epoch-making method can eliminate the trouble and problems of the conventional interior constructions. The method is also applicable to repair works and skeleton constructions!
This method is applicable to shops, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, other public facilities, factories, warehouses, car passages, new constructions, and repairs.
Time required for the construction process is determined after confirmation of the substrate condition and construction range. Roughly, with this method, the construction process from the substrate treatment to finishing needs approximately 2 to 3 days. *Curing period: Soft walking is allowed after 3 to 5 hours from the completion, and light-weight transportation is allowed after 24 hours from the completion.

Design Floor features

  • 1.The self-leveling type, colored finishing material makes construction simple.
  • 2.It has high compressive strength, adhesion strength, abrasion resistance, and freezing thawing resistance.
  • 3.Soft walking is allowed after 3 to 5 hours from the completion, and light-weight transportation is allowed after 24 hours from the completion.

Operation procedure

(1)Substrate adjustment

(1)Substrate adjustment

Inspect the substrate condition, bending, and unevenness.
Set the standard level, and check the vertical interval.

(2)Substrate cleaning and substrate treatment

(2)Substrate cleaning and substrate treatment

Keep the following points in mind before starting operation.
☆Clean the substrate completely to prevent floating.
☆After amendment with mortar, remove the protrusion with a sander, etc.
☆Remove a weak part of the substrate, laitance, oil, dirt, and adhesion bond for amendment with a wire brush, sander, etc.
☆If the wall border has clearance, fill it with mortar, etc.

(3)Primer treatment

(3)Primer treatment

☆Be sure to use the specified primer 4716.
☆At the first time, the blending ratio of 4716 and water is 1 and 5. At the second time, that is 1 and 3.
☆Painting interval between the first time and the second time is more than 1 or 2 hours in summer, and more than 3 or 4 hours in winter. After drying, cure the primer with protection from dust.
☆To prevent bubbles from occurring, keep the dilution ratio strictly, and paint and rub the primer evenly.



☆The standard construction thickness of Design Floor 4650 is 4 to 15 mm.
☆Pour with a mark or positioning as a target.
☆After pouring, even it immediately with a rake or trowel.

(5)Placing joint and cure

(5)Placing joint and cure

☆The interval for placing joint should be within 15 minutes.
☆Before placing joint, close the window to prevent rapid drying.
☆After hardening, open the window for drying.
※The semi-hardening material can be cut easily.
After hardening, adjust with a grinder.

(6)Surface coating

(6)Surface coating

☆Wax coating for glazing or semi-glazing finishing is available according to need.



☆Outdoors, and always-wet places are not applicable.
☆When temperature is 5 degrees centigrade or lower, stop painting of the primer and constructing of Design Floor 4650.
☆Concerning specified substrates and usages, please consult us.

Quality: What is Design Floor (color self-leveling)?

Product outline

Design Floor 4650 is abrasion composition for pasting colored cement, containing special cement, sand, and added gummy substance. This material has pump pressure transmission, rapid hardening, and self-leveling performances.

Resistant alkali pigments are used, and six colors such as G05 white, G10 off-white, G20 light-gray, G40 worm gray, G60 dark-gray, and G80 black are available. Do not compare the enclosed color sample with the composition in the painted condition. Since this product contains mineral cement gummy substance, and also due to variation of the weather condition at the time of painting work, color of the hardening surface may change.

If you repair later, you have to consider generated color and change of the surface skin. Moisture condition of the material also affects appearance of the composition.


Design Floor 4650 is a product for shops, exhibition space of shopping centers, warehouses, and light industries with small truck load for distribution.

It has a lineup of natural colors, and you can use it for coloring the interior. Please note that you need after-treatment and floor maintenance corresponding to activities in the relevant area. Although time varies according to temperature, you can enter into the applied area after 3 to 5 hours.

You can transport light-weight cargoes after 24 hours. Under normal temperature condition, distribution of the predetermined load is allowed after approximately 1 seek.

Construction condition

As a main usage, we recommend the product for concrete substrate. The surface tension of the substrate must be at least 1.5MPa.

The newly placed concrete must complete shrinking before painting of the product. Otherwise, the surface may be cracked. When you fill a paving even composition in an expansion joint, you open the expansion joint. The basecoat layer is not a filler to fill the substrate variation adjusted with a contraction joint and other expansion joints. When using a double-layer painted concrete substrate, be sure to confirm that the surface and the concrete contact closely.

If the substrate has slits or outstanding deviation, you have to level it with Design Floor 4602 Duro Base. The upper limit of the substrate temperature at the time of painting of the surface layer is +10 degrees centigrade. The substrate surface must be dry. The work site must have proper air humidity allowing drying of the paint surface. The relative humidity (RH) must not go over 70%.

Ask the design, construction, and site workers the following points.

Area, usage, site restriction and condition, placing method (hand mixing, or pumping *In case of pumping, you have to check whether a lorry can be installed, what is a height limit, and whether a road with a road regulation point is used.)

You have to check the substrate condition (P tile floor peeling or existing concrete?), the number of stories, time limit, etc.

Flow of construction