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Floor Agent Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "we") understand that privacy information is important property in this advanced information and communication society, recognize that to handle privacy information correctly is an important task, and declare that we make efforts to protect privacy information based on the following policy:

Conformance with privacy protection laws and regulations
We conform with the laws and regulations and other rules related to the privacy information, and handle the privacy information properly.
Acquisition of privacy information
When we acquire the privacy information, we make efforts to clarify the usage purpose, and collect the privacy information with legal and fair procedures.
Use of privacy information
We use the privacy information we acquired only for the purpose defined at the time of acquisition or within the rational range related to the purpose to the extent necessary to operate our business. Also, when we share the privacy information with any third party or ask any third party to handle the privacy information, we monitor partners to share the information and the third party to realize proper usage of the privacy information.
Provision of privacy information to third party
We do not provide the privacy information to any third party without prior consent of the person unless otherwise specified in the laws and regulations.
Privacy information management
We maintain correctness of the privacy information and its latest version, manage it safely, and carry out proper information security measures to prevent loss, interpolation, and leakage of the privacy information.
Disclosure, correction, service stop and deletion of privacy information
We recognize that the person has the right to ask us to disclose, correct, stop using of, and delete the privacy information, and set up a privacy information contact desk to respond whenever the person has such a requirement, according to the laws and regulations.
Organization and system
We manage the privacy information required for our business properly, and establish a system to handle properly the privacy information for our business purpose.
Establishment and implementation of internal rules for privacy information protection
In order to implement this privacy information protection policy, we establish internal rules for privacy information protection, distribute them across the company through trainings and education programs, and continuously improve them to maintain their optimal condition.
Privacy information contact desk
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