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We floor agent started as a specialized construction company of the floors from June, 2006.
Using extremely universal materials such as concrete and the resin, I make full use of a specialized skill met in the demand quality of the visitor and know-how and the highest method of construction in various uses from a personal visitor to public accommodation, social infrastructure maintenance and start construction with enthusiasm for days.

I keep an individual strength alive at the same time as it goes through thorough spot principles, and it has a long it with a function and performance for end user more and our mission makes a satisfactory product and plan personnel training and the technique succession in what training does without regretting learning to growth and am that it is with the supplier who permanently social, is required.

In addition, we floor agent plans visitor satisfaction and improvement of the employee satisfaction with strong enthusiasm and faith and thinks that it is the significance of existence as one of we construction shop to build both win-win.

Arrangement, mobility will push on for a further effort including technology, a skill power together while social conditions are busy to be used to the needs of the visitor with an arriving supplier of the hand precisely.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Floor agent Co., Ltd.
Representative director Matayoshi Yuji