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Concrete and mortar plastering

High-quality and reliable floor concrete, constructed by our floor construction specialists

Concrete construction

With rich construction knowhow and experiences as a construction specialist, we are working on a wide variety of constructions including factories, warehouses, and structural steelwork, and also various floor concrete constructions.

We can quickly assign one worker to several tens of workers, according to the size of construction sites.

If you are considering warehouse or factory floor concrete works, or worrying about assignment of specialists, of which number is decreasing, or about quality of finishing accuracy, please contact us.

Concrete construction: Basic policy

We conform to the predetermined operation process and procedure and create floors to withstand earthquakes and cracks, with focusing on quality, for safe and secure society.

Various concrete and mortar finishing

Metal trowel
(Hand holding)

Metal trowel
(Finishing machine)

Color cleat Finishing



*Every kind of finishing process is available, in addition to the processes mentioned above.

Point of good floor concrete construction

Careful leveling and accurate level adjustment

We prepare the operation process and procedure with an authoritative. Our workers individually conform to the construction quality requirement strictly and promote accurate operations to maintain stable floor level accuracy without irregularity and unevenness, and make every effort to provide surface treatment without variation or roughness.

Unevenness adjustment: Reliable finishing

We can eliminate these troubles!

We have reliable technology and rich experiences as a construction specialist. For safety and reliability of your floor concrete, please contact us. Contact

About mortar plastering

About mortar plastering

We of course undertake constructions of mortar plastering with every type of material to satisfy your needs. With careful construction, we provide concrete or mortar floors with beautifully treated surface and high durability.

Flow of construction