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Concrete and mortar plastering

Concrete and mortar plastering: Do you have any problem like this!?

Floor Agent's
concrete and mortar plastering works
are "all-in-one" constructions
operated by ourselves.

Newly or existing constructions,
and repair works

are totally provided.

Yuji Matayoshi

We solve plastering problems with [Five tasks]!

  • Task 1: You can figure out a "unit price" and a "fee" directly!
  • Task 2: We provide reliable technology and assign skilful workers for you!
  • Task 3: We are "ISO9001" certificated!
  • Task 4: We provide "all-in-one" plastering and dirt floor construction!
  • Task 5: We have a lot of skilful workers!

We can solve any problem more rapidly than competitors!

We promise 'high construction quality,' 'reasonable price,' and 'short construction period.'

Even for floor constructions,

Flow of plastering


Estimate of reasonable price

Floor Agent focuses on configuration of the system that shows unit prices and estimates of plastering quickly to the customers. Our staffs who conduct estimation are "specialists of estimation,"and not only show estimates to the customers, but also respond requests from them quickly.

Quick response

After receiving document, we submit an estimate within 2 days to you.
※Excl. Saturday and Sunday

Response for easy understanding

Our estimates are based on the price system which is clear and easy-to-understand

Action within 3 days

After sending the estimate, we will call you within 3 days for follow-up. You can figure out "unit price" and "fee" at once.

Why can Floor Agent provide reasonable prices?

The secrets are; All-in-one order, and independent constructions.

Needing no trouble, and ensuring high quality

All-in-one order

Plastering +Dirt floor construction

Our advantage

Please don't hesitate to contact us.

※Construction condition: Mainly flat formation level

※Construction size: A 1000 square meter or larger construction is negotiable.

※We can show an approximate calculation of big construction companies and design firms.

※If you send us rough document, we can respond more quickly.