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Vacuum O-ring brush finishing

What is Vacuum Concrete Construction Method?Plane dirt floor vacuum construction methodVacuum O-ring brush finishing

Vacuum O-ring brush finishing

Vacuum O-ring brush finishing

Construction method outline:
With this method, we cover the concrete area directly after placing with a vacuum mat to form a vacuum on the floor surface, and physically remove excessive water inside the concrete, which is unnecessary for hydration reaction, with a vacuum pump.

Advantage of dehydration construction method

Increase of initial strength and surface strength, reduction of hardening shrinkage (cracking),
increase of abrasion resistance, freezing damage resistance, short construction period


Leveling hoe, aluminum scale, ring scale, wood trowel, metal trowel, aluminum footgear


Vacuum pump, vacuum mat, O-ring, trowel (machine trowel)

Protection tool

Safety helmet, safety belt, safety shoes, safety boots

O-ring installation

Construction process

Concrete needs curing period after placing. The vacuum construction method allows reduction of the curing period.
For example, when the conventional method needs 1 week (7 days), the vacuum construction method needs just 3 days. Similarly, 4-week (28 days) curing period can be shortened to 7 days.

Construction process

To prime contractors:
Check the construction points.

To prime contractors:

Flow of construction