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Plane dirt floor vacuum construction method

What is Vacuum Concrete Construction Method?Plane dirt floor vacuum construction methodVacuum O-ring brush finishing

Plane vacuum hydro-extracting construction method

This method is optimal for constructions of parking lots, factories, warehouses, shopping centers, heavy load storage sites, civil engineering concrete structures, apartment buildings, outer frames, etc. Exposed parts of the floor concrete finishing are supposedly treated with a metal trowel. We think after-maintenance for cracks after completion of the construction is a concern of many customers.

Parking lot, warehouse, shopping center

The plane vacuum construction method effectively prevents cracking, and also allows improvement of durability, abrasion resistance, and adhesiveness of poured flooring materials, and short construction period, and other advantages, thanks to increase of the floor surface strength.

Concrete leveling  Vacuum Mat  Metal trowel (machine trowel) finishing

The vacuum construction method is suitable not only for O-ring brush fishing of slopes, but also and more suitable for flat planes. It can applicable to every type of floor from dirt floors of individual houses to large scale floors of parking lot, warehouses, factories, shopping centers, and heavy load storage sites.

When the concrete leveling process completes, and the concrete surface is hardened so that you can walk on the concrete, cover the floor mat with a vacuum mat to form a vacuum on the floor surface, and remove unnecessary excessive water and air contained in the concrete with a vacuum pump. As a result, the concrete gets more compacted and rigid.

※With combination of the vacuum construction method and operation of a tapping tamper, you can get a floor with higher quality, thanks to multiplier effect of their advantages.

Tapping tamper  Vacuum pump  Vacuum mat

The plane vacuum construction method provides higher strength than the general construction methods.

Data of comparison with general construction methods


Compressive strength - 28 daysConcrete composition: Cement = 4・1/2 bag/ cubic yards

Test: Leibniz Universitat Hannover (Hanover technical college), Germany

テスト:Test: Leibniz Universitat Hannover (Hanover technical college), Germany

Deflection strength

Deflection strengthConcrete composition: Cement = 6・1/2 bag/ cubic yards
Test: E. L. Conwell & Company/ Philadelphia, USA

Abrasion test

Abrasion testThe vacuum processing and the machine finishing improve the abrasion resistance performance.
Test: Sweden Material Research Institute

Construction process

Concrete needs curing period after placing. The vacuum construction method allows reduction of the curing period. For example, when the conventional method needs 1 week (7 days), the vacuum construction method needs just 3 days. Similarly, 4-week (28 days) curing period can be shortened to 7 days.

Construction process

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